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What 1K USD can get you

The strongest Dollar ever

Not Ex-pats but Im-pats. We help you settle in your new home.

We are not about houses but about homes.

The USD has reached the highest exchange rate ever. In two years its price has increased from around 1880 COP to 3200 COP at a point. Buying real estate or colombian pesos can be your best investment at this moment.

With 1K USD you could easily live with a partner. This chart is based on average expenses in a social strata 4 and 5. The exchage rate is according to the average dollar prices around these days. 

Come to Colombia: Retire for less

Colombia is becoming home for lots of retirees from Europe and America. Why? For a plenty of reasons: people, places and prices. The real danger of visiting Colombia is to fall in love; not just to a colombian woman but to Colombia itself. People in Colombia are just welcoming, kind and willing to interact with foreigners. It is easy to become part of the family. 

There is so much to know in Colombia. The weather is just perfect. The biodiversity garnishes the country with colors, animals and plants.  

And the best of all... How much can you do with 1K USD? In Colombia you can live with your couple, enjoy and even save money. 

Do you want to confirm it? Just come to Colombia. People, places and price; in one word: paradise.