On Sale, just a bargain: Have you ever dreamt about owning a building? A WHOLE BUILDING 665 million COP negotiable instead of more than 950 million. If you buy the property you have the land, too (no bother with "horizontal properties"). Just the land can be worth 500 million COP or more. 3 apartments, a garage and a commercial space; four properties that are already legally split up. Near Laureles Campestre and fairly close to Universidad Adventista, Corazonista School and 33 Av. Great location on the corner of the block. In total about 488 m2. 665 million COP negotiable. Direct sale with the owner. It is a very solid and massive construction. The apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floor with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, patio, laundry area, kitchen, closets and nice view. The 1st floor with 2 bedrooms, a garage used as a commercial local as well as local itself where there is a restaurant. The rent of this place a with a little remodeling can give you roughly 6 million COP a month. The whole property is already rented. There is a beautiful garden in front of the property. No administration fees.

This is a multiple option investment:
-You can buy it and used it for offices
-You can remodel it and make studio-apartments. The house is designed to easily get 2 studio-apartments and one 2-bed apartment per floor on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
-You can buy it and then sell the second and third floor for the price of the investment
-You can rent rooms, it has about 10 of them
-You could build (with urban planning permission) one more floor or your terrace on the top of it

Just one block from Santafe Shopping mall in Medellín; an incredible opportunity to invest in the best commercial area of the city. 3000 m2 of land that come with two houses for the price of half of the land. 1.5 million COP per m2 negotiable. The houses are roughly 1200 m2 built, wide bedrooms, social area, a swimming pool and beautiful gardens. It is way bigger than just what you see in the pictures; truly appreciated just when seen personally. This property has an enormous investment potential:

-You can buy the land and move your offices to the house
-You can use the place as a conference and training place
-You can buy and sell the property at double of the price
-You can create a construction project: offices would be the best investment
-You can buy and live there. With a little remodelling it will be a mansion
-You can buy and rent the houses or rooms.
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Finding the right investment project in a foreign country is not an easy thing. This is why we are always available to help you encounter the precise project according to your needs, goals and budget. We have real investment proposals that go way beyond just buying and selling real estate.

Let us help you:

​-Buy and sell real estate

-Buy real estate auctions

-Buy and rent real estate

-Start your business here

-Buy off plans

-Buy land and start a project

Beautiful farm-spa in Copacabana 10 minutes from the Metro station Niquía near the Comfama of Copacabana, with direct access from the dual carriageway via Girardota. Lot 3000 m 2 approx., Two large houses with swimming pool, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, whirlpool, bar, etc.

The property is sold with everything inside except for some appliances and spa equipment sold separately. However, the full spa business is sold with the property for an additional price. Negotiable price 750 million. 
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3-Story Building in Laureles

Land in Jardín a Beautiful Town  

Total Lot Area: 18,239 square meters (5 lots 3,088 planes, 3,089, 3,769, 4,012, 4,279)
Block Price: $ 165,000,000
Price per square meter: $ 26,000
Uses: Sowing crops, investment to parcel and sell smaller lots (1,200 or 1,500 meters between 10 to 12 lots)

Note: This price is for the sale of the entire lot. Each lot separately has a different price.

Multiple Investment Opportunities

Medellín: dream come true!

Land 2 houses by Santafé Mall 

Enormous farm in El Retiro 

A great investment opportunity in El Retiro a relaxing town 30 minutes away from Medellín-Colombia. El Retiro (The Retreat/Retirement in Spanish) is a cool town where people from Medellín go on the weekends to ride a horse, have fun, rest and take in fresh air. It is becoming highly appraised. Many people from the city are moving there to live a peaceful live and still keep working in the city since it is fairly close. 
The property land (more than 37 acres, 153000 m2) is worth a total of some $ 1,894,650 USD since the sq. feet costs in that area around $37000 COP but it is half price now, just  per sq. feet. Beside that you get a nice house with it. The house has more than 200 sq. meters, it has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, chimney and full kitchen. There is a water spring in the land.  Some parts of the land are already flat and ready to build on them and there is a beautiful protected forest next to the land.
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Farm in Medellin Copacabana