What we have

Harmony between our values, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Justice and fairness are the basis for a lasting business interaction.



Clear communication and openness are our key to business.

Our mission

What we do

​​Why choosing us?

We are bilingual and know colombian culture, we all lived abroad and have experience in the real estate business. Want to confirm it? Just contact us!

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In 2018 we will be a leader team in the brokerage market helping foreigners to live and invest in the main cities of Colombia.

We are a professional team of real estate agents, house hunters and brokers dedicated to help foreigners find the best opportunities to invest and make a living in Colombia, mainly in Medellín, the city of the everlasting spring. We deal directly with the owners of the properties to do amazing things for you: renting without a cosigner and buying in a smooth way. We work together with a team of lawyers, interpreters, accountants and a multidisciplinary group of professionals committed to your goals. 

How we are


Our core values are the essential foundations to build our identity:


Our services are tailored to meet your needs, expectations and likes. We offer just-in-time services to help you obtain just exactly what you want. We aim at helping you live and/or invest in Colombia. This is why we offer:

-Rental  andsale   of real estate properties in Colombia.
-Investment   opportunities in Colombia.
-Retiring  for less plan.

Our goal is helping you in a consistent way to achieve your goals.

Our vision

We build it with our accountability and responsibility in our business.

Who we are

We are meant to provide effective services in order to help our customers find great investment opportunities in the real estate business in Colombia.